About Us

GROEN Indonesia is a company focusing on waste management field, especially municipal waste.
We help designning and implementing various programs which related to environmental issues: "GO GREEN programs" in the cities all over Indonesia, Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Non-Government Organization, and Schools.
We believe that a dream is a beginning of all masterpieces in the universe, and everything is possible, including the dream for a greener and more comfortable earth as a place to stay. Organizations which having care for the environment and the pursue of their organization goals.
We are distributor of some world class products, such as, Tennant (USA), Green Machines (Scotland), TSM (Italy), Biostrada (Italy), Glutton (Belgium), Fulongma (China), AUSKO (Singapore), AOTO (China), Weber (Germany), Prohydrauliq (Malaysia), Armal (USA), PolyPortables (USA), Walex (USA) and P-Mate (Netherlands), Qool (Singapore), twins.nrn (Austria), Aerolution (Berlin-Germany), C-Astral (Slovenia), EvoLogics (Germany).